The Performers

Julie Zenatti

Julie ZenattiThanks to an impromptu audition, Julie Zenatti ended up in the Notre Dame de Paris cast. She would be Fleur de Lys, Phoebus’ fiancée. Aged 15 years old, the young girl showed surprising strength and maturity.

From one album to the next, the singer builds her story and surrounds herself with great artists such as Zazie, Patrick Fiori, Maxime Leforestier, MC Solaar… She also writes her own texts and will even collaborate with Chimène Badi, Grégory Lemarchal and Patrick Fiori. Always where we wouldn’t expect her to be, Julie Zenatti explores different musical styles to her audience’s greatest delight.

In 2009, the television show X Factor offered Julie Zenatti to coach a team of young artists for three months, who would try their luck in front of an audience, at Cerronne and Alain Lanty’s sides. The show, broadcast on W9, is the adaptation of the most popular entertainment programme on British television.

“Plus de Diva”, her 5th symphonic pop album was released last spring. It is a return to the voice in all its purity and technical mastery.

The production is orchestrated and composed by Frédéric Chateau (Natasha St Pier, Pascal Obispo, Florent Pagny). There is a song in homage to Callas “Appelez moi Maria” composed on the theme of Alfredo Catalani’s La Wally.